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  1. SoC Architecture and IP Micro Arch
  2. SoC and Sub-System Integration
  3. DFT RTL Design and Integration
  4. RTL Quality Checks
  5. Synthesis, Timing, Caliber and FEV
  6. Timing, Constraints and Constraints Validation


  1. Environment Architecture Development
  2. Verification
    • SoC Verification
    • IP/SS Verification
    • DFT/DFD Validation
    • Power-aware Verification
    • AMS
    • CPU Verification
    • Gate Level Simulations (GLS)
  3. VIP Development, 3rd party VIP Integration, Development and Modelling
  4. Assertions, Coverage and Formal Verification
  5. Automation and Regression Management


  1. ASIC and IP Prototyping with FPGA
  2. FPGA and System Architecture Design
  3. RTL Design from Microarchitecture
  4. Verification of RTL in UVM/OVM and other Methodology
  5. Porting to Different FPGA, FPGA to ASIC Porting and Vice Versa
  6. Board Design and Bring up
  7. FPGA Fitment, Bitmap Generation
  8. FPGA/System Validation on Board
  9. Multi-Million Gates Complex FPGA Design and Validation

Electronics & Technology

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Strategy Consulting & UX Engineering

Feature Set Evaluation
Road Map Development
Platform Evaluation
Customer Experience and Design Thinking Workshops
User-centric Research & Analysis
Concept Development
Wireframe Designing
UI & UX Design
Creative Design and Branding
Prototyping, MVP Development
Digital Technology Consulting & Assessment

Metal and Machining

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Software / Application Development

Web Application Development
ERP Solutions, Ecommerce Solutions, HRM Solutions, Microsoft Application Development, Custom Web Development
Mobile Application Development Android IoS Cross-Platform Native App Development Cloud Solutions & Migration Standalone Application Development on Unix / Windows AI/ML Solutions Industrial Automation LabVIEW PLC System Integration Data Migration

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